3 Simple Tips To Optimizing A Sales Funnel For Any Small Business

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The path customers take towards making a purchase is called the sales funnel. While these are often unique for every business, having a smooth ride through any sales funnel increases the number of leads becoming staying customers.


To create and maintain a fluid and effortless path to purchase you must continually assess each stage of your sales funnel – reviewing key metrics at every stage.


Whoa. Now that ^ sounds like A LOT of work for a small business. But it doesn’t have to be.


Here are 3 simple tips to make your small business sales funnel operate “optimally”!


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5 Tips to Take Your Real Estate Marketing to the Next Level  

[fa icon="calendar'] 04/05/2017 / by Taline Badrikian posted in digital marketing, strategy

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Marketing is important in all industries, but for real estate professionals, an effective marketing campaign can make all the difference.

This is why creating name recognition is critical for real estate professionals looking to bring in new business. Actively promoting your services and your value can also help bring in leads that would otherwise have passed you by.

With that in mind, here are five key ways that you can improve your real estate marketing and bring in more business.

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How Inbound Marketing Trumps Traditional Marketing Campaigns

[fa icon="calendar'] 01/25/2017 / by Taline Badrikian posted in strategy

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It's no secret that the Internet turned the entire world on its head. While some professionals were slow to adapt to new methods brought on by an online world, marketers were quick to jump onto the change-making bandwagon.

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Two Marketing Strategies Walk into a Bar...

[fa icon="calendar'] 12/21/2016 / by Taline Badrikian posted in strategy

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Outbound Marketing plops down on a barstool and says, "Man, it's rough out there. I've been knocking on doors all day, and nobody seemed to care that I can do amazing things for them if they'd just give me a chance."

Inbound Marketing sits down and says, "Really? I'm exhausted because I've had people knocking at my door all day today."

The bartender looks at the small business in between and pours up a double shot of success because this team of strategies is exactly what that SMB needs to be successful.

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