The Top Characteristics of a Great B2B Marketing Agency

by Taline Badrikian posted in content marketing, b2b, inbound agencies, marketing channels, lead generation

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When you're looking for a B2B marketing agency, you don't want to settle for just anyone. Choosing your marketing agency will mean a good deal of research.

You'll want a firm that understands your business model and can clearly identify the right audience for your brand. You'll want a B2B marketing agency that can deliver a clear marketing strategy and you'll want to make sure they have a proven track record for the work at hand.

What's Your Need?

You may not know exactly what kind of marketing activity it'll take to get the results you want, but as long as you can articulate your business goals, an agency can help. Especially if you have concrete numbers or targets you’re trying to hit.

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6 B2B Lead Generation Activities That Work

by Taline Badrikian posted in b2b

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For B2B companies, lead generation is a top priority when building inbound marketing campaigns. With the market so over saturated with information, it can be challenging to figure out exactly which activities will generate leads for your company, so here's a look at six b2b lead generation activities that work:

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