Astute Ambassadorship: The Key To Coaxing Millennial Customers

by Taline Badrikian posted in millennials

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With 68 million members and counting, the millennial generation is redefining the modern market. Appealing to them is the key to long-term commercial success, yet many firms don’t understand how to attract their attention. Through the following ambassadorship tactics, your company can earn millennials' loyalty and admiration, gaining access to a rising generation of customers:

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Top 5 Marketing Channels to Reach Millennials

by Taline Badrikian posted in digital marketing, millennials

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Are Millennials the primary audience for your business? If so, investing in and using digital marketing as a primary marketing strategy is the way to go. Millennials are far more connected than any generation before them. Five out of six Millennials connect with businesses through social networks and the average Millennial touches his or her phone 45 times a day.

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