Boston Startups That Have Killer Marketing

by Taline Badrikian


Boston may be known for chowder and the Red Sox, but it's also a city of unbelievable innovation. Whether it's the abundance of elite education or something about the combined creativity of citizens from every walk of life, it's undeniable that entrepreneurs and new business startups flourish beyond their wildest dreams here. Boston startups have access to the top talent in their field and the marketing experts are no exception. After all, no business, no matter how brilliant, can reach customer engagement without some form of marketing. "A product so good it markets itself" is actually a marketing slogan, and a really great one. But it's not just about great creative messages to engage customers. These Boston startups have taken marketing in new directions by finding outside the box solutions to keep their customers' needs met, before they've even voiced them.


3 Boston Startups Employing Stellar Marketing Strategies

Startups today have capitalized on the capability of the internet to open new avenues for growth. In fact, a great many of the startups gaining traction function entirely online. Some models have unique twists on their business strategy, making the connection online while service is still extended in the real world. Theoretically, you'd think startups were just better at online marketing because that's where their customer base is located. In some cases, that's true. But often there's a lot more creative thinking and innovation involved in keeping their client base front and center in their communication.

  1. This startup began its impressive launch to success in 2007 and is currently global. Some of their marketing finesse can be tracked back to the fact that they didn't rely solely on online marketing and their niche itself improved upon all other competitors in the field. not only catered to providers, by giving them a platform to find local clients, but they widened the net to include babysitters, nannies, pet services, elderly care, and care for those with disabilities. Campaigns ranged from television, billboard, radio, and online advertisements. Once name recognition gained traction, set its marketing focus on B2B, adding content and resources to cater to providers and aid in making their business a partner to other businesses. Today, large corporations even offer membership as an employment benefit.
  2. DraftKings. DraftKings took Fantasy Sports Leagues to a whole new level. Parlaying the national enthusiasm for armchair coaching with a little wager on the side, DraftKings quickly took traction by delivering up to date information and an easy to use platform for fantasy lovers to use. In 2016, DraftKings announced a partnership with 9 Major League Ball clubs in major cities, further sealing their brand awareness and creating a great buzz of user engagement.
  3. ezCater. ezCater offers a nationwide answer to catering for businesses, basically becoming the food service solution for other startups. The company has been expanding its reach exponentially and hiring on an impressive staff of seasoned marketing professionals to head up their operations and take them solidly into the future as the clear leader in their industry.

What you'll notice from studying these three different startups is that there are various ways to increase your name recognition and brand awareness. It's not a one-size fit all solution. The best and brightest in the marketing arena know how to speak directly to their target audience. They know where to find their customers and why their service offers better solutions for that customer than anyone else can. Once they know where their position in the market is strongest, they find innovative ways to broadcast that message to the clients who are already seeking their solutions.


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Taline Badrikian

Written by Taline Badrikian

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