When I Hire an Inbound Marketing Agency, Who Will Be Working For Me?

by Taline Badrikian

Hiring an inbound marketing agency can be beneficial for your small business for many reasons, but one of the biggest advantages that working with an agency can provide is access to a range of talented professionals in specialized but interrelated roles. Working together, the team at your inbound marketing agency will be able to prepare and execute a quality marketing campaign, but it isn't always clear from your end who is on that team. What specialists can you expect to gain when you hire an inbound marketing agency?


Quality written content underpins the theory behind inbound marketing, so your inbound marketing agency's content creator and copywriter will play a central role in your marketing campaign. The copywriter will work to create high-quality, compelling content aimed at captivating customers across the different modes of communication that your business uses. In contrast with outbound marketing copywriting, your inbound marketing agency's copywriter will focus on creating informative high-quality content rather sales-oriented advertisements. The copywriter works in conjunction with the marketing strategist and aims to unite the message of your small business' marketing efforts to provide uniform and clear communications with customers.


Graphic Artist

Crafting a clear brand for your small business is an integral part of any inbound marketing campaign, and your agency's graphic artist plays a key role in that branding effort. By creating professional graphics that are in line with the overall marketing plan in place for your small business, the graphic artist helps create consistency between different avenues of customer communication such as social media profiles, customer newsletters or blog posts. 


SEO Specialist

Search engine optimization is a cornerstone of any successful inbound marketing campaign, and having a dedicated SEO specialist on your team greatly increases the efficacy of your SEO efforts. The SEO specialist working on your campaign will coordinate closely with the content creators and social media experts to ensure that all elements within your online marketing campaign are aligned and directed at maximizing the results your SEO efforts can achieve in the search engine rankings.


Social Media Coordinator

As the importance of social media for communicating with customers increases, so does the value of having a dedicated social media coordinator working on your inbound marketing campaign. A social media coordinator can help you generate content to post on various social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter, manage the timing of posts and updates, and facilitate conversations with customers initiated through social media. The added value of having a social media coordinator working as part of your inbound marketing agency's team is the assurance they can provide that all communications on the social media platforms that your small business utilizes are coordinated and aligned with your overall branding and campaign message.


Marketing Strategist

As the overseer of the entire campaign at your inbound marketing agency, the marketing specialist will work closely with all other members of your inbound marketing team to ensure that every element of your campaign is coordinated, consistent and aimed at providing your customers with compelling content. Because your marketing strategist has worked on many previous marketing campaigns for small businesses, they will bring the required experience and expertise to your inbound marketing efforts to ensure that you are using all appropriate avenues to reach your ideal customer base. Your marketing strategist acts as the manager for your inbound marketing campaign, allowing you and your business team to focus on running your business.



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Taline Badrikian

Written by Taline Badrikian

Taline is the founder of Laveh Inbound Marketing. Using modern marketing concepts without the hefty price tag, Taline has a history of leading small businesses to explosive growth.