Building the Case to Hire a Small Business Marketing Agency

by Taline Badrikian


Whether you're a solopreneur working out of coffee shops worldwide or you're a five-person startup just getting settled into your company's first office, you need help marketing your business. A business that doesn't market itself is not going to last, even if you've already racked up tens of thousands of Twitter followers. But maybe you're not ready to hire that first employee, or you want to prioritize developing your product first.

A small business marketing agency is the place that you should look for marketing help. Here's why.

  • You're utterly swamped. Delegating tasks to the right person or service is how businesses succeed, especially if it's a task that you really don't like. Social media can be fun for a couple minutes but you dread it once it becomes an obligation. Plus, coming up with and scheduling posts over and over again is so time-consuming and eats into valuable time that you're not putting into growing the business or tending to other obligations. Let the agency take care of that for you, just like how Seamless takes care of lunch sent to your desk when you've got more important things to do than hit the kitchen.
  • Small business marketing agencies are adaptable. Whether you're a startup going through your first round or two of funding or you're a solopreneur who wants to keep things on a smaller scale, the agency can adapt to your needs unlike the marketing agencies meant to cater to companies with significantly more bodies behind them. A small business marketing agency knows that you have either a one-person marketing department or none at all. You can rest easy that they'll adapt to your needs and through every stage of your business.
  • Agency employees are more likely to be up to date on new marketing methods. If marketing isn't your forte, you'll want to leave it to the experts. Most small business marketing agency employees have at one point or another worked in marketing at companies of varying size, and in taking all of their experience with them, they also take that interest and passion for new marketing methods. If you took marketing in school or have informal experience, chances are it's outdated. Agencies keep up with the rapidly-changing conventions for small business and startup marketing.
  • For solopreneurs who don't want to grow much more, they're essential. It's perfectly fine if you don't have want to scale your business beyond what it is today. However, a small business marketing agency is your perfect match when you just need some marketing assistance time to time such as a press release or campaigns for a new product or service. Or perhaps online reputation management and email list building, or building a marketing strategy for you to implement in the long run. If you have any ongoing needs you need to outsource like social media management, blogging, and/or email marketing, an agency always has someone who's able to manage your accounts.

A small business marketing agency is invaluable to help you grow your business, and simply make your life as a busy entrepreneur much easier. Marketing is always the first thing that gets ignored when timing is tight and budgets are lean. But if you're not ready for in-house marketing people just yet, then an agency is the ideal partner you need to thrive. If you also just lack the interest and know-how in marketing, agency employees are well-versed in cutting-edge marketing techniques and you can call on them as you need them or work together on an ongoing basis.


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Taline Badrikian

Written by Taline Badrikian

Taline is the founder of Laveh Inbound Marketing. Using modern marketing concepts without the hefty price tag, Taline has a history of leading small businesses to explosive growth.